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by 2015, reports indicate a record of 55 MILLION LATINos living (and growing) in THE United States* 

  expected to reach 106 millions by 2050.**  1/3 of future 2050 u.s. population.

What others are saying about The Refinery.

1. A current social priority

2. an urgent

american necessity

3. an ancient biblical affection

4. a bold church plant strategy to the arab and

Islamic world

Nuestra filosofia de servicio

our philosophy of service

6 Tésis de estudio 

6 pilars of study and meditation

El hombre
y el propósito de su


El Propósito de su Diseño Divino Trascendental en esta tierra


El hombre
y la realidad de sus

TRampas y tentaciones

y las implicaciones que el hombre enfrenta


El hombre
y el significado de su


El significado personal y comunitario de Su Trabajo, Carrera u Oficio


El hombre
y el propósito de su 


El Propósito transformacional y salvifico del Matrimonio


El hombre
y el propósito de su 


El Legado generacional dejado a los hijos y la herencia dejada a DIOS


El hombre y su
mision y LEGADO

cual es el propsito de la vida y de la existencia del hombre en la tierra

We believe


╚ we believe That this immigration crisis has cause a fatherlessness phenomenon all around the world and that this problem has tremendous generational implications against human progress, peace, bettermen and well being.

╚ we believe in the power of honesty, transparency, sincerity, vulnerability, restorative feeback, peaceful conversation, truth, love and inner transformation.  

╚ we believe that fatherlessness is root to 9 to 10 moral problems in society

╚ we believe that to be a "real" man is the hardest job on earth


╚ we believe that "real" means, loving, truthful, noble, virtuous, responsible, proactive, non-passive, committed, engaged, relentless, leading, honest, moral, wise, sacrificial, servant, compassionate, transparent, patience, forgiving, pure and spiritually sane.

(this is why it the hardest job!)

╚ we believe that men's leadership bottom line is: sacrificial other's-oriented service

╚ we believe That real men add and provide and not subtract and take away value from the people around them. specially their wives and kids.

╚ we believe that to be a "real" dad like a "real" man is the hardest job on earth, almost inseparable.

╚ we believe that a "real" men prepares the path for a "real" dad. and a "real dad" produces the next generation of "real" men which one day will become the future "real" dads.

One is inseparably dependent from the other. 

╚ we believe that courage, strength, bravery, valor is the cardinal spinal virtue of "real" masculinity, manhood and male leadership.

╚ we believe that courage, strength, bravery, valor is primarly applied to do the right thing in the midst of either blessing or adversity. 

╚ we believe, we humans (and men) are designed and created by god for his purposes, for his glory, for our good and for the ultimate salvation of mankind inside jesus christ. The final restoration of all things.

╚ we believe men was created by god to fulfill 2 primary roles in society: the role of creation and the role of cultivation, the role of production and the role of protection.  (psalm 123)

╚ We believe that god deserves all the glory and honor and praise from all created humans and all creative men.


╚ We believe there is only one way to god. this is: the way god himself has provided thru and by and inside his son jesus christ.

╚ we believe god's son -jesus of nazareth-  is god's best for us and god's only way for us in order for us to be saved from error, from mistake, from all sins, from all wrongdoing, from all  trangressions, from all depravity, from all spritual indebtedness, from all immorality, and from all evil.

╚ we believe original masculinity was and invention of god himself.

╚ we believe that god revealed himself purposefully in two masculine roles - a father and a son. 

╚ we believe that true genuine masculinity and manhood is in its simplest form:
a sincere affectionate and industrious imitation of GOD himself. this is An imitation of GOD's person, conduct, attributes, ethics, works, love, truth, goals and ultimate sacrifice.

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